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School of Diplomacy and International Relations- United Nations Year of Dialogue among Civilizations- Seton Hall University
Culminating Events of the UN Year of Dialogue among Civilizations
The School of Diplomacy Coordinates Worldwide Essay Contest

Essay Contest Press Release

The Ten Winning Essays

The School of Diplomacy coordinated a world wide essay contest for undergraduate students in celebration of the Dialogue among Civilizations. Students from over 200 universities participated in the contest sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Iran to the UN and the International Centre for Dialogue of Civilizations in Tehran, in cooperation with UNESCO. The contest welcomed young people from all around the globe to envision how the Dialogue among Civilizations can better prepare the world's youth for the challenges of tomorrow. Ten essay contest winners were invited to visit the United Nations in New York and present their essays during the culminating events of the Year of Dialogue among Civilizations. President Khatami of Iran presented winners with their awards at a ceremony on campus.
President Mohammad Khatami of the Islamic Republic of Iran visits Seton Hall University
In November 2001, the School hosted one of its most extraordinary events as part of the culmination of the Year Among Dialogue among Civilizations. President Khatami, in his first visit to a U.S. university, called for global dialogue and understanding in a historic symposium with His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington.
Crossing the Divide: Dialogue among Civilizations
"The Dialogue among Civilizations should be held at Seton Hall, and it should be held at the United Nations, and wherever people of good will seek to bridge differences and advance peace, drawing on the best of humanity's rich and diverse past to improve our common future."

Secretary-General Kofi Annan, hailing the Dialogue among Civilizations
at Seton Hall University, February 5, 2001

In his address to the UN General Assembly in September 1998, President Mohammad Khatami of the Islamic Republic of Iran put forth an urgent call for a "dialogue among civilizations." President Khatami urged that a new process be initiated to replace hostility and confrontation with discourse and understanding. Following President Khatami's proposal, the General Assembly unanimously proclaimed the year 2001 as the United Nation's Year of Dialogue among Civilizations.

To support the Dialogue, the Secretary-General appointed a group of eminent persons and designated as his personal representative, former UN chief hostage negotiator Giandomenico Picco. The School of Diplomacy and International Relations has had the distinct privilege of serving as the Secretariat and project manager for this initiative. The School's faculty and administrators have worked in close collaboration with Mr. Picco and the eminent persons, participating in meetings which took place in Austria, Ireland and Qatar, providing the research foundation for the project and laying the groundwork for Crossing the Divide: Dialogue among Civilizations, published by the School.

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