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Dr. Song is one of the major science and technology policy makers in China. He, serving as Chairman of the Science-Technology Commission of China in the capacity of Vice-Premier (1985-1998), initiated the reform and opening up of S & T policy across the country. Currently, he is Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He holds a degree in Engineering and a Ph.D. (Candidate of Science) from MBTY, Moscow, and a Doctor of Science Degree from the Moscow National Technical University. He is a member of China's Academy of Sciences and a foreign member of the National Academy of Engineering (US), Russian Academy of Sciences, Swedish Royal Academy of Technical Sciences (IVA), and others.

Over the last four decades he has made significant contributions to an array of disciplines. Dr. Song led the program design and the launching and positioning of the country’s first telecommunications satellites. He was responsible for initiating and conducting the nation's “Sparks Program", which aimed at alleviating rural poverty and developing rural/township enterprises throughout China. He has also initiated and guided the nation's “Torch Program”, which spearheaded the development of high tech industries through the establishment of 53 science parks across China.

Dr. Song has authored, co-authored, or edited 11 books and has written and published approximately one hundred scientific articles. He has received numerous National Awards on Contribution to Science-Technology development and accomplishments in Engineering Sciences and Mathematics. He has also received the Albert Einstein Award (1987), which is the highest recognition by the International Association for Mathematical Modeling for individual science achievements.


Dr. Song Jian