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Dr. Hayao Kawai, a scholar of Clinical Psychology and Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University, is now the advisor to the Kyoto Bunkyo University. Until recently, he was the Director General of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies at Kyoto University. He obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology at Kyoto University. He studied at the Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Zürich and became the first Japanese licensed Jungian analyst.

Dr. Kawai served as a committee member of the Central Council for Education and of the Administrative Reform Council, both of the Government of Japan. He was also the Chair of the Commission on Japan’s Goals in the 21st Century, a private advisory panel set up by the former Prime Minister of Japan.

His works have been published widely in Japanese and English and have earned him some of Japan’s most prestigious prizes in scientific as well as literary fields, including the Asahi Prize (1997) and the Osaragi Jiro Prize (1982) for his book Fairy Tales and Psyche of Japan.

Professor Kawai has also been designated as “Person of Cultural Merits” by the Japanese Government.


Dr. Hayao Kawai