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The Hon. Jacques Delors

Known as the architect of the Single European Act, the first modification of the Treaty of Rome, and of the ambitious reform of funding for the European Community, the Hon. Jacques Delors is one of the most influential politicians in the formation of the Europe of the Nineties. He is a graduate in economics, with a diploma from the Center for Higher Banking Studies.

The Hon. Jacques Delors became the president of the European Commission in 1985. During his time at the head of the Commission, there was a major development of its structures, with the reinforcement of European Community financial systems (the White Paper for a single internal market), the signing of the treaty of adhesion with Spain and Portugal, and the creation of the Euro as the single European currency.

He was appointed Minister of Economy and Finance in François Mitterand’s first government in 1981. On the local level, he served as the Mayor of Cliché Marcha in 1993.