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Dr. Ahmed Kamal Aboulmagd is a practicing attorney in Cairo and a Professor of Public Law at Cairo University since 1958. He earned a Doctorate of Law from Cairo University.

Dr. Aboulmagd has served as both the Minister of Youth and the Minister of Information in Egypt in the early Seventies. He has held the distinguished position of Legal and Constitutional Advisor for the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Kuwait. He is a member of the Supreme Council of Research of the University of El-Azhar in Cairo and a member of the Academy of Magreb. He is also a member of the Egyptian Society of Human Rights and the Egyptian Supreme Council for Women’s Affairs and Rights.

Dr. Aboulmagd has published in English and Arabic on constitutional and administrative law, including a pamphlet in Arabic entitled A Contemporary Islamic Point of View and a book in Arabic entitled Dialogue, Not Confrontation, now in its second edition. For the last twenty years, he has been a judge, vice president, and president of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal.


Ahmed Kamal Aboulmagd