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Javad Zarif

Dr. Javad Zarif has been Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1992. He is a career diplomat and has served in different senior positions in the Iranian Foreign Ministry and at various international organizations.

Professor Zarif holds a Ph.D. in International Law and Policy from the Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver. In addition to his diplomatic responsibilities, he is a Visiting Professor of International Law at University of Tehran, where he teaches human rights, international law and multilateral diplomacy.

In the past two decades, Ambassador Zarif has played a leading role in the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. He has served as chairman of numerous international conferences including the Asian Preparatory Meeting of the World Conference on Racism (2000), the United Nations Disarmament Commission (2000), Sixth (Legal) Committee of the 47th United Nations General Assembly (1992-93), Political Committee of the12th Non-Aligned Summit in Durban (1998), and the OIC High-Level Committee on Dialogue among Civilizations. He also served as the President of the Asian African Legal Consultative Committee from 1997 to 1998.

Professor Zarif serves on the board of editors of a number of scholarly journals, including the Iranian Journal of International Affairs and Iranian Foreign Policy and has written extensively on disarmament, human rights, international law, and regional conflicts. His writings include "Impermissibility of the Use or Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons", Iranian Journal of International Affairs, 1996, “The Principles of International Law: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of their Promotion and Implementation” International Law as a Language for International Relations, (The Hague: Kluwer Law International, 1996.), “Continuity and Change in Iran’s Post-Election Foreign Policy”, Foreign Policy Forum, 1998, and “Islam and Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” Enriching the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (Geneva: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, 1999).