Faculty Senators  and Alternates




Committee List

The membership of the Faculty Senate is listed below.  The membership of the Senate committees is accessible through the "Committee List" link above.

School Senators Alternates


College of Arts and Sciences              



To 2005

Peter Ahr

Simone James Alexander

Mary Balkun

Catherine Beneteau

Deborah Brown

Nancy Enright

Anne Mullen-Hohl

Lauren Schiller


To 2006

Judith Stark

Anthony Haynor

Nathaniel Knight

Cecilia Marzabadi

Roseanne Mirabella

Nicholas Snow

David Beneteau

Charles Carter

Marian Glenn



To 2005
Carolyn Bentivegna
Patricia Kuchon
Ines A Murzaku
David Black
Allan Blake
George Browne


School of Business


To 2005

Eleanor Xu (replacing  Henry Amoroso - on leave)

Leigh Stelzer  



To 2006

Athar Murtuza

Robert Shapiro

William Stoever




To 2005

Jason Yin

Jack Harrington

Laurence McCarthy


College of Education and Human Services


To 2005

Mary Ruzicka

John Collins  


To 2006

Robert Massey



To  2005

Bill McCartan                 Pam Foley

University Libraries


To 2005

Anita Talar


To 2006

Xueming Bao





To 2005

Alan Delozier

Natalia Milszyn




College of Nursing


To 2005

Margaret Greene

Joyce Wright


To 2006

Kathy Sternas



To 2005

Jane Dellert

Jean Rubino

Denise Gasalberti



School of Theology


To 2005

Gregory Glazov


To 2006

Jerome Bracken



To 2005

Tom Guarino

Larry Porter


School of Diplomacy and 

International Relations


To 2005

Cynthia Horne


To 2006

Omer Gokcekus



To 2005

Yanzhong Huang


School of Graduate Medical Education


To 2005

Janet Koehnke


To 2006

Joseph Monaco





To 2005

Beth Torcivia

Lee Cabell

Meryl Picard







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