Senate Committees 2005-2006


Executive Committee

Chair: Mary Balkun (A&S)

Vice-chair: Leigh Stelzer (SSOB)

Executive Secretary: Robert Shapiro (SSOB)

Members-at-Large: Richard Stern (Library)

                             Omer Gokcekus (Diplomacy)


Academic Policy Committee

Deborah Brown (A&S) Chair

Gregory Glazov (Theology)

Marian Glenn (A&S)

Omer Gokcekus (Diplomacy)

Anthony Haynor (A&S)

Carol Kleinmann (Nursing)

Elliot Krause (A&S)

Thomas Marlowe (A&S) Vice-chair and Secretary

Joseph Monaco (SGME)

Athar Murtuza (SSOB)

Amy Nyberg (A&S)

William Stoever (SSOB)

Debra Zinicola (CEHS)

Cynthia Horne (Diplomacy)

Martha Loesch (Diplomacy)

Core Curriculum Committee


Calendar Committee  

Kathleen Boreale, Jerome Bracken, George Browne (chair), Nancy Enright, Anthony Figueiredo, Jill Giles, Williamjames Hoffer, Gail Iglesias, Anthony Lee, Wesley Matsui, Anne Marie Murphy, Gina Robertiello, Robert Shapiro, Beth Torcivia, Kirk Rawn (ex-officio)

Compensation and Welfare Committee

Cecilia Marzabadi (co-chair), Roseanne Mirabella (co-chair), Peter Ahr, Margarita Balmaceda, Deborah Brown, Gloria Gelmann, Omer Gokcekus, Anthony Haynor, Phil Kayal, Eliot Krause, Anthony Lee, Robert Massey, Dermot Quinn, Mary Ruzicka, Robert Shapiro, Joan Guetti


Faculty Grievance Committee

Margarita M. Balmaceda (Diplomacy), Xueming Bao (Chair)(Library), Gloria Gelmann (Nursing), Joan Guetti (A&S), Robert A Mayhew (A&S), Peter Reader (A&S), Marietta Peskin (CEHS)


Faculty Guide and Bylaws Committee

Peter Ahr, Gail Iglesias, James Hanson, Williamjames Hoffer, Phil Moremen, Mary Ruzicka, Robert Shapiro, Alan Delozier


Instructional Technology Committee

Anne Mullen-Hohl, Arline Lowe, David A Black, John W Collins (chair), Joseph J Martinelli, Leigh Stelzer, Rosemary W. Skeele, Thomas J Marlowe,, Xueming Bao. Gregory Glazov, Charles Carter, Athar Murtuza, Simone James Alexander, Marycarol A Rossignol, Manfred Minimair, Cynthia Horne, David Mest, Amy Silvestri, Deborah Ward


Library Committee

Joan Besing, Beth Bloom, Alan Delozier, Nancy Enright (chair), Cecilia Marzabadi, Charlotte Nichols, Lauren Schiller, Eleanor Xu, Shitao Yang, Margaret J Greene 


Nominations, Elections, and Appointments Committee

George Browne (A&S) (chair)

Yinan He (Diplomacy)

 Anthony Lee (Library)

Robert Massey (CEHS)

Leigh Stelzer (SSOB)


Committee on Admissions

Peter Ahr (Chair), Allan Blake, Richard Blake, George Browne, James HansonBrigitte Koenig, Marycarol Rossignol, Amy Silvestri, Zheng Wang


Faculty Development Committee

Chuck Carter (chair), Alexander Fadeev, Colleen Conway, Elaine Walker, Frank Curti, John T Saccoman, Karen C Rhines, Sung Shim, William Stoever


Program Review Committee

Chair: Nick Snow

Arts and Sciences: Martha Carpentier

Stillman School of Business: John Dall

Education and Human Services: Laura Palmer

Nursing: Jane Dellert

Theology: Joseph Chapel

Graduate Medical Education: Venu Balasubramanian

Whitehead School of Diplomacy: Omer Gokcekus

Library: Marta Deyrup



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