The Faculty Senate of Seton Hall University


Vol. 4, No. 1,  September 2006


Committee and Senate Actions


                                                                      Compensation Motion


Faculty Guide Matters

 During the summer, the Nominations, Elections, and Appointments Committee conducted an election for Faculty Members to serve on the Provost Search Committee, as provided in the Faculty Guide, 13.2.a.  Approximately 55% of the eligible faculty participated in the election.  The following individuals were elected:

a) Mary Balkun

b) Sulie Lin Chang

c) Marta Mestrovic Deyrup

d) King Mot

e) Phyllis Russo

The committee noted that it was difficult to compile a list of eligible full-time faculty.  It appears that there is no specific office on the campus which maintains a current list of all of the South Orange campus full-time faculty.


Meeting Minutes Draft   September 2006

Executive Committee Report  September 2006

Senate Membership 2006-2007

Senate Committees 2006-2007







The Faculty Senate was concerned about the content of the letters sent to various faculty members with respect to their compensation.  The Faculty Senate then passed the following motion to be forwarded to the Provost:

The Faculty Senate insists that the Provost meet in consultation with the Executive Committee to resolve the following issues:

The formal rectification of the errors in the compensation letters received by the faculty in August 2006;

Agreement on how the Senate and the Provost will henceforth consult with each other on matters regarding faculty compensation and welfare as required by the Faculty Guide (12.6a and b); and

A reaffirmation of the University’s commitment to the principles of shared governance.

The provost will be asked about progress on the first of these issues at the October Senate meeting.


Election Results

The Faculty Senate approved Pamela Foley to be the Liaison on behalf of the Faculty Senate to the Graduate Council.

An election was held by the Nomination, Election and Appointment Committee for a Member At Large to the Executive Committee to replace John Collins who has left the University.  Yanzhong Huang from the John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations was unanimously elected.



[Template developed for the Faculty Senate by the TLTC.]







The Faculty Guide and Bylaws Committee will be dealing with several issues during the forthcoming academic year including reconciling the Faculty Guide with state and federal law, providing for maternity/paternity/adoption leave in the Faculty Guide, and adjusting the faculty contract in the Faculty Guide from 10 months to 9 months.

The Provost has asked for clarification of the Faculty Emeritus Policy--specifically, the process for how Emeritus status is determined, whether faculty associates can be given this distinction, and emeritus status for a faculty member who has not officially retired.   The Faculty Guide and By-laws Committee was charged to examine the Senate policy on Faculty Emeritus in order to implement such a policy

The Faculty Guide and By-laws Committee was also charged to examine various aspects of the grievance process.

 Add/Drop Policy Change

The Senate has been informed that the previously approved change in the add-drop period should take effect in spring 2007 (one week to add a class, two weeks to drop a class).


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