The Faculty Senate of Seton Hall University


Vol. 4, No. 2,  October 2006


Senate Actions


                                                                      Committee Considerations


Core Curriculum

 The Faculty Senate (1) approved the minor in Russian and East European Studies; (2) approved the following certificates in the Masters in Corporate and Public Communication:

Strategic Communication and Leadership

Intercultural Communication;

Organizational Communication;

International Communication;

Strategic Communication Planning;


(3) nominated Peter Ahr, Beth Bloom, Eliot Krause, Roseanne Mirabella, Nicholas Snow, and Thomas Rondinella for consideration of the three appointments, as well as the Chair of the Faculty Senate, to the University Budget Committee; and

(4) moved to request that a Library representative be invited to participate at any orientation for new faculty.


Meeting Minutes Draft        October 2006

Executive Committee Report October 2006

Senate Membership 2006-2007

Senate Committees 2006-2007







The Academic Policy Committee is to consider the policy with respect to the grade to be given, including an IF, F or WF, if an Incomplete has not been finished in the designated time frame.

The Academic Facilities Committee is considering the "Space Allocation Policy, Division of Academic Affairs" revised October 4, 2006.  It is noted that there are currently only 83 classrooms available on the South Orange Campus; that for the fall 2007 classes will be spread out beyond the popular 10-2 time slot.

The Compensation Committee is considering a faculty retirement policy, day care facilities on campus, and a 3- year plan on compensation.

The Faculty Guide Committee is considering the addition of Emeritus Faculty to the Faculty Guide.





The Faculty Senate created an ad hoc committee to study the role of shared governance on the South Orange Campus.  The members elected to that committee are Drs.  Paula Alexander, Charles Carter and Roseanne Mirabella.  Dr. Mary Balkun is an ex officio member.  Anyone wishing to comment on the role of shared governance should contact the members of the committee.











During the Fall 2006 semester there are 11 sections of CORE 1101, Journey of Transformation, being piloted by full-time faculty and about 200 entering freshman.  Another group of full time faculty are developing the syllabus for CORE 2101, Christianity and Culture in Dialog, for the sophomore students in 2007-2008.  Another group of faculty are preparing to teach 20 or more section of CORE 1101 for freshman students.  The theme of the second course, Christianity and Culture in Dialogue, complements the theme of the first course.  The second course is about the journey of Christianity itself as it dialogues with cultures in each age - and the moral of the story for all of us is that we journey, change, and are enriched as we dialogue with the cultures we encounter.  The details, and an application for faculty to teach the first two courses can be found on the new website for the core at



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