The Faculty Senate of Seton Hall University


Vol. 4, No. 5,  January 2007



Maternity/Caregiver Leave Adopted


    Current Faculty Guide Proposals        




The Faculty Senate adopted and forwarded to the Provost the following addition to the Faculty Guide:

Whereas there are no appropriate provisions in the Faculty Guide for maternity or caregiver leaves,

Be it resolved, the Faculty Senate proposes the following addition to the Faculty Guide:

 6.7       Leaves for Maternity or Caregivers

The university recognizes the needs of expectant mothers, and neonatal, adoption, and close relation caregivers.  For this purpose, faculty members are entitled to a leave or leaves for which the policies and procedures for determining the occurrence, length, benefits, and salary shall be determined with the advice and consent of the Faculty Senate.  For faculty members without tenure, a leave of absence shall not count as a part of the probationary period (see Article 3) unless this provision is waived in writing by the individual and the provost. 


Core Committee Requests Submission of Revised College Cores

As part of its ongoing effort to implement the forthcoming university core, the Core Curriculum Committee asked the Senate to approve the following resolution; it passed with one negative vote:


The Faculty Senate requests the heads of the faculty governance bodies of the several undergraduate schools and colleges to forward to the secretary of the Senate by March 1, 2007 copies of their approved general education requirements for entering freshmen of 2008 and following years as modified to align with the new University Core Curriculum.



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The Faculty Guide and Bylaws Committee proposed the following changes to the Faculty Guide.  They will be voted on at the Feb. 2nd Senate meeting.


Draft Change to Faculty Guide re: Composition of Department Rank & Tenure Committee

Whereas the Faculty Guide is silent on the composition of the department rank & tenure committees and should not be,

Be it resolved, the Faculty Senate approves the addition of section (c) to Article 5.4:

5.4       Composition of Rank and Tenure Committees

c.      Composition of a department Rank and Tenure committee is determined by the faculty of the department, but in no case shall any member of a department Rank and Tenure Committee hold a probationary appointment, vote on a promotion to a rank higher than his/her own rank, vote on his/her own promotion, or have a  conflict of interest.  The faculty of each department shall adopt by‑laws governing the conduct of the department Rank and Tenure Committee; a copy of the by‑laws shall be on file in the Office of the Provost and shall be made available to the college or school Rank and Tenure Committee, and the University Rank and Tenure Committee.

Old:  Please see current Article 5.4 a. and b.


Whereas the library faculty should be treated the same as other South Orange faculty under the Faculty Guide with respect to academic year and hours requirements,

Under 7.2 General Faculty Responsibilities,

Sections (c) and (d) should be deleted.

[Please see current sections (c) and (d)]

Article 3.3.c. should be deleted and the word "deleted" inserted in its place. 

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Two resolutions of the Compensation Committee related to the implementation of the new core curriculum were passed.  The first addresses the comprehensive tuition rate; the second addresses the possible reduction in summer teaching as a result of both comprehensive tuition and the reduction in the graduation requirement to 120 credits and the money traditionally set aside to compensate instructors who teach in the summer.  Both resolutions.  Both were unanimously passed. 



Whereas the implementation of flat tuition for the 2007 2008 year has been devised to be revenue neutral,


And, whereas the tuition for the university at the new rate will still be below the median of our peer institutions,


And, whereas the university has acknowledged that faculty compensation is very low relative to our peer institutions;


And, whereas the university has demonstrated a multi-year commitment to bringing faculty salaries into alignment with our peer institutions;


And, whereas current budget restraints have resulted in an inadequate amount of money available to address faculty compensation;


Be it resolved, that the Faculty Senate strongly encourages the Administration and Board of Regents to set the flat tuition rate at a level at which significant dollars will be available to address the historically low salary levels for faculty at all ranks.



Whereas summer teaching has been a means for faculty to compensate for their historically low salaries;

And, whereas the implementation of flat tuition and a lowered graduation credit requirement can be expected to decrease summer teaching;

And, whereas the total annual salary for those who have come to depend on summer teaching will decline in the coming years as a result;

And, whereas the university has demonstrated a multi-year commitment to bringing faculty salaries into alignment with our peer institutions;

Be it resolved, that the Faculty Senate understands that the summer monies hitherto allocated to summer teaching are part of the faculty's total compensation and should not be diverted to other uses and that those funds should be used to further augment faculty salaries.