The Faculty Senate of Seton Hall University


Vol. 4, No. 4,  December 2006



Faculty Guide Proposal for Maternity/Caregiver Leave


                                                                      School of Theology Degree Program Approved



Emeritus Proposal for the Faculty Guide Adopted

The Faculty Guide and Bylaws Committee Proposed the following Amendment to the Faculty Guide

Whereas there are no appropriate provisions in the Faculty Guide for maternity or caregiver leaves,

Be it resolved, the Faculty Senate proposes the following addition to the Faculty Guide:

 6.7       Leaves for Maternity or Caregivers

The university recognizes the needs of expectant mothers, and neonatal, adoption, and close relation caregivers.  For this purpose, faculty members are entitled to a leave or leaves for which the policies and procedures for determining the occurrence, length, benefits, and salary shall be determined with the advice and consent of the Faculty Senate.  For faculty members without tenure, a leave of absence shall not count as a part of the probationary period (see Article 3) unless this provision is waived in writing by the individual and the provost. 








The Faculty Senate approved the following degree programs in the School of Theology:

1. The core curriculum proposed for undergraduate majors in the School of Theology (in the BA in Catholic Theology proposal, Section II.D).

2. The major program in Catholic Theology within the School of Theology, including (a) a track for pre-seminarians already possessing a baccalaureate degree [which does not at present result in a credential], (b) a BA track for pre-seminarians without a prior baccalaureate degree, and (c) a  BA track for non-seminarians wishing to pursue a degree in Catholic Theology, all as described in Sections II.A and II.B of the proposal.

3. The minor in Catholic Theology, as described in Section II.E of the proposal.


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The Faculty Senate adopted and forwarded to the Provost  the following addition to the Faculty Guide:

 3.10     Emeritus Faculty

 a.         The title “Emeritus” may be conferred by the Provost on a member of the faculty upon retirement from full time teaching in recognition of years of valued service and outstanding contributions to Seton Hall University.  Emeritus faculty are honored University citizens who are encouraged to continue to participate as active members of the community and are provided with a number of privileges, services and benefits.

 b.         All faculty members and faculty associates in good standing may apply for faculty emeritus status upon their retirement. 

 c.                   Seton Hall University shall provide to emeritus faculty university services and privileges determined with the advice and consent of the Faculty Senate and communicated in writing to the South Orange faculty.

 d.                  When the University employs an emeritus faculty member, the provisions of the employment shall prevail, but these provisions shall not deprive the faculty member of any of the entitlements of emeritus status.


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