The Faculty Senate of Seton Hall University


Vol. 3, No. 2, October 2005

Compensation Update


Faculty Guide Issues



  University Rank and Tenure Committee Composition


The long-awaited Compensation Report was received from university administration and was posted to the Faculty Senate homepage on October 7.  A Town Meeting, to be attended by representatives of the consulting firm that produced the report, will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m., in the Beck Rooms.  Material regarding conpensation statistics for library faculty has since been provided and is posted on the Senate home page.

The Compensation and Welfare Committee met on September 14th to consider follow- up actions to the Provost’s commitment to ensure that unpaid salaries to senior faculty be met.  On September 27th , members of the Committee also met with a group of senior faculty interested in furthering efforts toward an equitable retirement plan at the university. It was decided at this meeting that a special subcommittee of Compensation and Welfare would be established to specifically address retirement. This committee will be chaired by Pat Kuchon and will work with existing members of Compensation and Welfare Committee to build a retirement position using information and resources collected by the larger committee over the past several years.   

It was then moved, seconded and unanimously approved that the Senate thanks Roseanne Mirabella for her and her Committee's actions in obtaining the Compensation Report.

On-line Teaching and Learning

Recommendations from the Faculty Senate IT Committee and APCCC regarding on-line teaching and learning were tabled for the November meeting.

Meeting Minutes   October 2005

Executive Committee Report  October 2005

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Several actions involving the Faculty Guide were approved at the October Senate meeting.:

First, the ad-hoc Faculty Development Committee was made  a standing committee of the Faculty Senate.

Two motions were introduced and held over to the next meeting.

One would amend Section XIX of the Senate By-laws to divide the Academic Policy and Core Curriculum Committee into two separate standing committees: the Academic Policy Committee and the Core Curriculum Committee, respectively.

The other motion would amend the Senate By-laws to add a standing Academic Facilities Committee.

Both motions will be on the agenda for the November Senate meeting.




 In a letter from  to the Provost, Deans Boroff and De Pierro called for an end to the ad-hoc arrangement by which the School of Business and the College of Education and Human Services relinquish one member on the University Rank and Tenure Committee in alternate years in order to include a member form the School of Diplomacy and International Relations and retain a committee of nine members.  The issue of the composition of the University Rank and Tenure Committee was remanded to the Faculty Guide and By-Laws Committee.


Academic Calendar Revision

Calendar Committee Motion concerning the revised 2008-2009 academic calendar was adopted with one negative vote.

Program Review of Modern Languages

Program Review Report was accepted unanimously.  The Report included a motion that a set of recommendations for the Department of Modern Languages be approved and forwarded to the Office of the Provost.


Compensation of Library Faculty on 12-month Contracts


A motion by Richard Stern on behalf of the library faculty was unanimously adopted and remanded to the Faculty Compensation and Welfare Committee:


 Move that the Faculty Compensation Committee’s deliberations for the upcoming academic year include issues dealing with the library faculty’s twelve month contract as defined by the Faculty Guide, Section 7.2 D.  When the floor compensation for library faculty is determined by rank, it is the same as teaching faculty plus ten percent, however library faculty work twelve months. Therefore, library faculty are under compensated.





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