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Vol. 3, No. 4,  December, 2005 & January, 2006


Compensation Update




Intellectual Property




  Teaching Load Change Approved by Senate


In his report at the Senate's December meeting, Provost Lindsay stated that the "back pay" issue was now being treated as part of the overall faculty compensation study and that there was to be no separate payment to senior faculty.  In response, the Senate drafted and sent the following resolution to Msgr. Sheeran:

Whereas the Administration has communicated to the Faculty Senate through the Provost at the Faculty Senate’s meeting  of December 2, 2005, that the University will not fulfill its promise of back pay (minimum salaries by rank and years of service) made in the 2000-2001 compensation agreement, a promise publicly reaffirmed in fall 2005,

Whereas this action constitutes a breach of faith with the faculty of the South Orange Campus of Seton Hall University,

Whereas this action constitutes clear evidence of the administration’s contempt for shared governance,

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate insists that the promised back pay be paid immediately.

Be it further resolved, the Faculty Senate will investigate its options with regards to this matter.

The Faculty Senate instructs the Executive Committee to inform all faculty about this issue and its current status by the end of classes for this term.


There was a special meeting of the Senate on Dec. 7, 2005.  The sole topic of discussion was the compensation issue, including Msgr. Sheeran's response to the Senate resolution.

.Minutes of that meeting are posted on the Senate web site.


The Compensation and Welfare Committee met on November 28, to come up with a plan for the implementation of salary increases in accordance with data provided by Sibson Consulting.  Preliminary discussions focused on salary floors by rank; it was suggested that possible floors might be $50,000 for Assistant Professor, $65,000 for Associate Professor, and $85,000 for Full Professor.  The importance of a plan to annually adjust the floors to address inflation and to avoid further salary compression was also discussed. The committee plans to continue working on this issue and should have a draft for the full Senate by the first meeting of 2006.


 The Retirement Subcommittee of the Compensation and Welfare Committee, has begun to draft a retirement plan for the faculty. A key component of the retirement plan would be full medical coverage until the age of 65, then secondary medical insurance to supplement Medicare. The roll out of this plan could come in the form of a terminal sabbatical, with one year’s salary paid out. Feasible funding sources for the retirement program are being explored.











The charge of the Intellectual Property Task Force (IPTF) issued a report with its findings, recommendations, a model policy on IP, a list of best practices, and a bibliography of on-line resources for the faculty’s use.  The IPTF was unable to locate any university instructions much less policies on intellectual property (IP).  Regardless of the existence of any official pronouncements, members of the faculty have become vulnerable to the absence of clear policies that protect their rights as members of the faculty.

The IPTF Recommends:

·        There should be a policy on IP and it should be posted on the Office of Grants and Research Services (OGRS) site with a link from the Faculty Senate site.  (The policy the IPTF recommends follows these recommendations.)

·        There should be a page dedicated to explaining the basics of intellectual property with links to helpful sites.  (A list of helpful sites also follows these recommendations.)  This page should be linked to the IP policy and linked to the Faculty Senate site.

·        The best practices the IPTF has compiled should also be made available in similar fashion.

·        IP sessions should be included in OGRS and faculty orientation activities.

 Best Practices dictate:

·        Faculty members should study the IP policy of the university, investigate IP issues diligently, and carefully read all legal documents before signing and/or undertaking creative works.

·        Faculty should assert their rights through the use of appropriate symbols (i.e. © for copyright, ™ for trademark) and filing for patents when and where appropriate.

·        Faculty should use links to off-line content rather than import the off-line content into their works.

·        Faculty should recognize that various items within contracts are negotiable and proceed accordingly.

·        Faculty should stand on their rights as faculty with the full knowledge of those legal rights.

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The Faculty Senate voted on January 13 to approve a change in the Faculty Guide to reduce the basic teaching load for full-time faculty members from 24 credit hours per academic year and normally 12 credit hours per academic semester to 18 credit hours per year and normally 9 hours per semester. The decision has been forwarded to Provost Travis for his consideration.

Faculty Guide & By-Laws

The Faculty Guide and By-Laws Committee reviewed the Faculty Senate minutes for the years 2001-2002 to the present in order to update the Faculty Guide and pursue previously Senate approved proposed changes to the Guide.

Discussion of amending the Faculty Senate By-Laws with respect to the process of changing the two documents was approved for discussion at the January Faculty Senate meeting.  The proposed changes are below.

Note: shall be amended as indicated in italics and strikethrough:

In the By-Laws:

 XXVI. By a favorable vote of two-thirds of its members, at any regular meeting, the Faculty Senate may change its bylaws and/or propose a change or changes in the Faculty Guide, provided however that these changes have been introduced at a prior regular meeting.

Be it further resolved, Section XXVIII of the By-Laws is hereby removed.

 Speaker Contracts

Dennis Garbini, Vice President for Finance and Technology, has been asked to submit a status report about the speaker contract issue raised at the June 2005 Senate meeting.  He has also been asked to be available to attend a future Senate meeting to respond to any questions the body may have.

Program Review: Department of Political Science

The Senate approved the findings of the Program Review Committee regarding the Political Science Department, which found it to be a strong and growing department, one that has received administrative support in terms of hires and facilities. The approval of this program (part of the 2003-2004 group) was delayed due to some technical and data problems.

Core Curriculum                Committee Update

A resolution was passed by over two-thirds majority that the separation of the Academic Policy Committee from the Core Curriculum Committee  would not be changing any of the old course syllabi merely because there was a new committee. 


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