The Faculty Senate of Seton Hall University


Vol. 3, No. 5,  February, 2006


Compensation Proposal




Decision on Faculty Course Load Change    



  Rank & Tenure Committee Composition

  At its February meeting, the Senate passed a resolution about the way additional compensation monies should be distributed this year. The resolution read, in part, as follows:
Focusing on the allocation for this year, the Sibson study clearly shows that the largest salary gap is experienced by those in the ranks of Associate and Full Professor. The Faculty Senate’s proposal for this year’s distribution of funds aims to compensate those with the greatest number of years of service and/or gaps in salary from those salaries received at our peer institutions. The Senate therefore proposes the following plan for the distribution of the $650,000 that is available to augment faculty salaries in the spring of 2006:

1) Using data obtain by the Sibson study, determine those faculty whose salaries are $6,000 or more below the CUPA median for their respective disciplines, ranks, and total years of service. Apply to the base salaries of each of these individuals $2,000.
Funds remaining from the $650,000 shall be allocated to the base salaries of all faculty, including those receiving the $2,000 increase in base, as a percentage of the difference between the CUPA medians and their actual salaries. All {faculties} [faculty members] shall receive the same percentage of their difference, with no faculty member who is above the CUPA median receiving an increase in base salary [from this allocation]. The percentage of funding allocated shall be determined after the initial increase in base is paid and will reflect the residual funding.

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Library Committee

The Library Committee presented a motion that was amended and passed by the Senate.  The resolution read as follows:

Whereas the University Library’s budget is now completely depleted for the rest of the year, with no funds whatsoever available for any non-Humanities purchases or databases,

Whereas the University Library’s materials budget of $800,000 is far below the $2.5 million, which is the minimum we would need to make our library equivalent to those of our peer institutions,

Whereas the Senate Seton Hall University’s library must be of a high quality to approach even tier 2 status, let alone tier 1,

The Faculty Senate directs its Executive Committee to request the Executive Cabinet to present to the Senate by March 1, 2006 a plan for the solution of the underfunding of the Library for the present and the future years.











 In a written response to series of suggested changes to the Faculty Guide, Provost Travis indicated that he had decided not to approve the change of course load in the Faculty Guide to 18 credits per year (from the current 24). 

However, he indicated that he was open to further discussions, including a possible meeting between the deans and the Executive Committee to discuss our respective positions.  





A motion has been made to change the size and composition of the university Rank and Tenure Committee to include regular representation for all schools and colleges at the university. If approved at the March meeting, and subsequently by the provost, section 5.4.b of the Faculty Guide would read as follows:

The University Rank and Tenure Committee shall consist of nine (9) eleven (11) tenured faculty members holding the rank of professor.  Each of the constituent schools of the university must be represented on the committee and at least three of its members shall hold tenured rank in the College of Arts and Sciences, two (2) of its members shall hold tenured rank in the School of Business, and two (2) of its members shall hold tenured rank in the College of Education and Human Services.  If a college or school has fewer than five (5) faculty holding professorial rank, then a tenured faculty member with the next highest rank shall be eligible to serve on the University Rank and Tenure Committee and have rights equal to those of the other members.  Members shall be appointed by the provost of the university for staggered two‑year terms.  No faculty member shall serve more than once on the committee until all other eligible faculty members from the appropriate college have served on this committee.  No faculty member shall serve on this committee while serving on a college Rank and Tenure Committee during a single academic year.  This committee shall elect one of its members as chairperson.  The provost shall appoint a secretary to this committee, who shall have no vote and who shall not hold faculty rank.

Be it further resolved, the Faculty Senate approves this change with the understanding that the Provost will appoint a member of the Arts & Sciences faculty to the at large slot until such time that the School of Nursing faculty numbers reach that of the Business School and the College of Education & Human Services.


Future Senate Meetings 2005-2006

March 3, 2006
April 7, 2006
May 5, 2006
June 2, 2006

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More News

Executive Committee:
Much of the Executive Committee’s focus was on compensation developments. The Committee met with Provost Travis after the January 13th Senate meeting. Mary Balkun met with Pat Kuchon and the senior faculty group. It was agreed that the Senate would move forward on the distribution of this year’s funds, as well as on a university-wide plan for compensation beyond this year. Individual efforts on behalf of other compensation issues would go forward independently. However, each group will keep the other informed of its activities. And Mary Balkun agreed to meet with the faculty of the various colleges, if invited, to discuss the Senate’s position on compensation and update them on compensation issues.

The Academic Facilities Committee was formed. Richard Stern was elected as chair.

The Compensation and Welfare Committee met as a group twice in January and also met with a group of senior faculty to listen to and to discuss their concerns about longevity compensation promised by the university. At the committee meetings, the single item on the agenda was the discussion of how the $650,000 allocated by the University in this year’s budget would be distributed to the faculty.

The Core Curriculum Committee reported that four of the five schools/colleges have completed work on revising their college’s curriculum to adjust to the new core requirements.

The Instructional Technology Committee continues on promoting a number of projects. The Committee will be conducting a faculty survey on IT.

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Executive Committee Report   February 2006

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