The Faculty Senate of Seton Hall University


Vol. 1, No. 2, October 2003


       Enrollment Services Information Requested

The Executive Vice President for Administration, Mary Meehan, has expressed an interest in meeting with the Executive Committee to discuss faculty issues regarding Enrollment Services. This meeting will take place sometime later this semester. Senators are encouraged to gather information on faculty concerns with Enrollment Services.   These concerns may be forwarded to Roseanne Mirabella.


SHU to Join New Jersey Transfer Program

The Executive Cabinet has decided that Seton Hall will participate in the New Jersey Transfer Program, an electronic spreadsheet format which enables community and four-year college students to find out how their programs articulate with those at other institutions. Another advantage for participants is the ability to post news about graduate school open houses and fairs.  Tom Green and Chris Kaiser have been designated the academic and tech representatives for this project.  Program directors and chairs will soon be asked to provide current articulation information for the spreadsheet.


                               Sexual Orientation Initiatives

In response to questions about the report of the Task Force on Sexuality, each member of the Executive Cabinet was asked to identify current or planned initiatives to protect students. 

Click here for the Letter to the Task Force.                                                                                                                            

Click here for the Sexual Orientation Initiatives generated by the Executive Cabinet.


Course Reduction Work Group

A workgroup consisting of representatives from the Senate and from the Provost's office has been established to begin work on the issue of courseload reduction. Moving to a 3/3 course load has been identified by the Senate as an essential step in the adoption of external review for promotion and tenure. The reduction in course load is seen by the Senate as a reduction for scholarship. Pre-existing reductions for administrative reassignment will be outside the scope of and will not be impacted by course load reductions.


      Stipends and TIAA-CREF Contributions              

Based on a recommendation of the Compensation and Welfare Committee, headed by Peter Ahr and Eliot Krause, the Senate passed the following motion:

That the Faculty Senate endorses the concept of including faculty stipends for teaching, research and administration in the computation of the sum on which TIAA/CREF contributions are to be made. 

The motion was approved unanimously.                 


Faculty Representation on Board of Regents

In response to the suggestion of the Board of Regents that a slate of three names be forwarded for consideration as faculty representative on the Academic Affairs Committee, the Senate passed the following motion:

"Because the Chair of the Senate has been elected to represent University faculty, and the nomination of another individual might serve to undermine the Faculty Senate Chair's position, we recommend that the Chair of the Faculty Senate be the representative to the Board of Regents Academic Affairs Committee.  When the Chair cannot attend a meeting, the Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate will serve as the representative."  The motion was approved unanimously.  


Senate Meeting Dates 2003-2004


September 5, 2003


October 3, 2003


November 7, 2003


December 12, 2003


January 16, 2004


February 6, 2004


February 27, 2004 (this meeting originally scheduled for March 5)


April 2, 2004


May 7, 2004 (organizational meeting for the 2004-05 Senate)


June 4, 2004

All faculty are invited to attend meetings of the Faculty Senate.  Meeting locations can be found on the Senate home page.    


If you have comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the material in this newsletter, please contact Mary Balkun, Faculty Senate Executive Secretary, at

Executive Committee Report


Program Review   Update

The following faculty members have agreed to serve on one of the Program Review Subcommittees for 2003-2004. 

Alex Fadeev      Arts and Sciences

John T. Saccoman Arts and Sciences

Lauren Schiller  Arts and Sciences

Richard Blake    Arts and Sciences   

Joe Marbach    Arts and Sciences

David Black      Arts and Sciences 

Laura Schoppmann  Arts and Sciences

Elliot Krause    Arts and Sciences

Tom Rondinella Arts and Sciences

John Collins  Education and Human Services

Dan Gutmore Education and Human Services

Laura Palmer Education and Human Services

Jody Kulstad Education and Human Services

Tom Sowa      Graduate Medical Education

Estelle B. Breines Graduate Medical Education

Beth Bloom    Walsh Library

Natalia Milszyn Walsh Library

Ming Bao       Walsh Library

Kevin Kovalycsik Stillman School of Business

Wagdy Abdallah  Stillman School of Business

Athar Murtuza Stillman School of Business

Larry McCarthy Stillman School of Business

Viswanathan Kodaganallur Stillman School of Business

Margarita Balmaceda Whitehead School of Diplomacy



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