The Faculty Senate of Seton Hall University


Vol. 1, No. 3, November 2003






                    Provost Search Committee Election

In accordance with the Faculty Guide, the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate conducted an election for the Search and Screen Committee for the Provost.

The Faculty Guide makes provisions for participation of the faculty in the selection of the chief academic officer as outlined in Section 13.2:

13.2 Search and Screen Committees -- Composition

a. For the selection of the chief academic officer, five (5) faculty members elected by the full-time faculty of the South Orange campus as defined in Article 1 (three from the ballot list of Arts and Sciences nominees and two from the ballot list of nominees from the remaining academic units) who shall constitute no fewer than fifty (50) percent of the voting members of the search and screen committee. The two members elected from the non-Arts and Sciences list must be from different academic units.

An electronic ballot was prepared from nominations made by the faculty.


Richard Liddy - A&S

Roseanne Mirabella - A&S

Bert Wachsmuth - A&S

Robert Shapiro - Stillman School of Business

Phyllis Russo - Nursing


Executive Vice President for Administration Search Committee

In accordance with the Faculty Guide, Article 13.1.d , which states:

     "There shall be faculty participation in the selection of  the president and executive vice president"

at the Nov. 7 Senate meeting the following nominees were approved unanimously and their names sent to Msgr. Sheeran:

             Joseph Monaco - GME

             Elizabeth Torcivia - GME

             Roseanne Mirabella – A&S

Elizabeth Torcivia was chosen to serve on the search committee.


University Rank and Tenure Committee Issue

The question of the number of representatives on the University Rank and Tenure Committee, which was raised by the Stillman School of Business faculty, has been resolved for this year.  There will be one representative from the Business School (The College of Education and Human Services agreed to a similar last year) in order to maintain an uneven number of members for voting purposes.  The Faculty Guide Committee is working on other options, including the possible addition of representatives from the Whitehead School Diplomacy and the School of Graduate Medical Education


Charter Day Committee

The following faculty members were chosen to serve on the university's Charter Day Committee, headed by Vivienne Baldini Carr of the provost's office:

John Knopf – Business

Cathy Sternas – Nursing

Anthony Sciglitano – A&S

Martha M. Loesch – Library

The tentative date for Charter Day is Friday, Feb. 27th.




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Meeting Minutes 11-03

Executive Committee Report



Program Review Update

The Faculty Senate has reactivated and taken the lead on the program review process on campus. Through this process, program faculty will have an opportunity to examine current programs, to review objectives, and to make decisions for the future. There are over forty programs in various stages of the self-study process at this time. 

The Senate also has reorganized its program review committee structure to ensure the full participation of the faculty and more importantly, to ensure that Senate recommendations on individual programs will be completed within a timeframe compatible with the university budget process and reflected in that budget. Financial resources will be directed toward successful programs. 

Program review will only be effective to the extent that the faculty and Senate recommendations are acted on by the academic administrators and embraced within the budget.

In order to  ensure this connection between program review and budget decisions, Senate representatives are currently working with the budget and policy committee to develop a process by which program review recommendations can be reviewed by this body. 

2002-2003        Review Group

Athletic Training    Physician Assistant  Audiology                    Asian Studies             African-American Studies                    Classical Studies     Museum Professions  Criminal Justice         Social Work             Chemistry and Biochemistry               Freshman Studies

2003-2004              Review Group

Public Administration                    Modern Languages   Fine Arts                        Art History           Graphic Design        EOP                         Philosophy              Sociology                Political Science      Anthropology            History                    Psychology            English                    Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.)                       School of Theology






Middle States Progress Report

On Nov. 14, Fr. Kevin Mackin, President of Siena College and Chair of Seton Hall's Middle States Evaluation Team, visited campus. Fr. Mackin met with the Middle States Steering Committee and subcommittee chairs, as well as with representative faculty and students.

The Middle States Evaluation Team visit is scheduled for Feb. 29 - March 3, 2004.

Information about the Middle States self study process can be found at


Compensation Committee Update

The Compensation and Welfare Committee is working on its budget presentation for faculty compensation for next year. The proposal for a faculty retirement package will be part of that presentation; they hope to get the funding for faculty retirement into next year’s budget.

The other matter the Committee is working on is the overall faculty salary package. They have just received benchmark data from some 33 other colleges and universities which are comparable to Seton Hall, either as our peers or as aspiration schools. In terms of average faculty salaries among these institutions, we rank 21st out of 34 institutions, and are almost the lowest among all these institutions in the greater New York area.

The Committee is developing models to redress this competitive disadvantage, and hopes to present a salary model that will move the university in a positive direction in next year’s budget.

Comments on these matters may be directed to any member of the committee.



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All faculty members are invited to attend meetings of the Faculty Senate.  Meeting locations can be found on the Senate homepage.