Meeting of May 7, 2004

1:30 p.m.

Beck Rooms A, B, and C



1.    In attendance: Peter Ahr, Simone James Alexander, Mary Balkun, Deborah Brown, Anne Mullen-Hohl, Lauren Schiller, Judith Stark, Anthony Haynor, Nathaniel Knight, Roseanne Mirabella, Charles Carter, Marian Glenn, Cecilia Marzabadi, Leigh Stelzer, Athar Murtuza, Robert Shapiro, William Stoever, Jason Yin, Mary Ruzicka,  Robert Massey, Anthony Lee, Anita Talar, Xue-Ming Bao, Peggy Greene, Janet Koehnke, Beth Torcivia

2.    The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m.

3.    Msgr. Sheeran, University President, welcomed the new senators.

4.    Communications from the provost

5.    Approval of agenda - minutes approved

6.    Approval of the draft minutes of the April 2, 2004 meeting

7.    Election of Senate officers for 2004-2005

Chair: Roseanne Mirabella

Vice chair: Judith Stark

Executive Secretary: Mary Balkun

Members-at-large: Janet Koehnke and Robert Shapiro

8.    Constitution of Senate committees for 2004-2005.

The membership of each committee was approved unanimously.

According to the Faculty Guide, 3.7 d, in the case of dismissal:

"The faculty member shall have thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of a certified letter to respond to the statement of charges. In this response, the faculty member may elect to have the university's statement of charges reviewed by an elected faculty committee.  This committee shall consist of five full‑time tenured faculty members."

A standing committee of the Senate is therefore needed to fulfill this function.  Leigh Stelzer, chair of the Nominations and Elections committee, was asked to determine who wants to be on the committee and report the results at the June meeting.

8.    Report of the Executive Committee - No report.

9.    Reports of standing committees and special committees

        a.    Calendar - The report was approved unanimously

        b.    Academic Policy and Core Curriculum - the committee is working on some issues: revised language about

              cross-listed and parallel programs), new PhD in Nursing, the sunsetting of approved but unimplemented

              programs. The report was approved unanimously.

        c.    Compensation and Welfare - The report was approved unanimously.

        d.    Faculty Grievance - No report.

        e.    Faculty Guide and Bylaws - The report was approved unanimously.

        f.    Instructional Technology - The report was approved unanimously.

        g.    Library - Committee members met in April with the IT Committee, Library staff, and Paul Fisher of TLTC re:

               copyright issues with goal of getting faculty involved (4 committees) to look at these issues.  The report was

               approved unanimously.

        h.    Nominations, Elections and Appointments - No report.

        i.     Program Review  - The report was approved unanimously.

        j.     Admissions - No report.

        k.    Special committee on Faculty Development - No report.

9.    Old Business

       a.  Grievance Committee By-laws.  Click here.

Motion that this motion be remanded to the committee now that it has new members.  The motion was approved unanimously.

      b.  IT Committee Technology Value Statement. Click here.

           Click here for amended version of the statement. 

         c.  Program Review Committee recommendations. 

            Steering Committee Report:  2002-2003 Group

            Motion to receive the report.  The motion was approved unanimously.

            Motion: That the Program Review Committee derive a set of action items to be submitted to the Senate

            at the June meeting for discussion and Senate approval.  The motion was approved unanimously. 

10.    New Business

   a.  The Faculty Guide Committee is submitting the following three motions to the Senate for approval:

1.  The Guide Committee moves that article 5.4(b) on the composition of the University Rank and Tenure Committee not be changed.  This means that this Committee’s  membership remains at 9 persons, with Arts & Science keeping 3 representatives and all other colleges having 1 representative each, with the extra membership slot rotating by year among the colleges with largest faculty membership. 

Motion: to substitute the above motion with a motion to add representatives from Education and Business for a total of 10 members.  The motion to substitute was defeated.

The motion was approved unanimously.

          2.  The Guide Committee moves to approve the change recommended by the Provost and University Counsel to article 3.4(d).

In the conduct of its investigation, the committee shall enjoy the full cooperation of the University Administration and of the faculty member under review, with access to all documentation relevant to the issues relating to the dismissal proceedings, consistent with rights of privacy and other legal rights.   Because each matter is unique, access to documentation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the individual circumstances of each matter and the parties’ rights under those circumstances.

The motion was approved unanimously

          3.  The Guide Committee moves not to approve the change recommended by the Provost and University Counsel to article                      15.2.

Rationale for the motion: The Provost and University Counsel are recommending that the process (article 15.2) for handling Senate amendments to the Faculty Guide be written into the Senate By-Laws as opposed to written into the Faculty Guide itself.     The concern here is that the Senate By-Laws do not have the force of contract law as the Faculty Guide does.     Thus, a process in our By-Laws could be violated with no legal recourse possible by the Senate.   

 Motion to table this motion.  The motion to table was approved unanimously.

11.    Adjournment at 4:25.