Faculty Senate

Executive Committee Report

June 4, 2004


The Core Curriculum Committee made a presentation to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents at its meeting in yesterday. The presentation focused on the curriculum development projects that will be completed over the summer. The Committee expects to have a report for the review by the full University community in the fall. The Regents were very receptive of the plans underway and asked to be kept apprised of our work as we proceed. In addition, we discussed the issues of flat tuition and lowering the number of credits for undergraduate degrees. They were very interested in moving this along as well.

The Senate must act today on the proposed action items from the Program Review Committee. We will be moving this to the first item on our agenda to insure that there is enough time to review and act on these recommendations.

According to our Faculty Senate By-Laws, "With other members of the Executive Committee, the Chair shall prepare an annual report on the Faculty Senate and its activities for circulation to faculty and administration, including information on administration response to Senate proposals and recommendations." We are in the process of preparing this report for circulation to the entire faculty and administration. The report will include the progress we have made this year on various issues. In addition, we will include ongoing concerns and issues that we expect to continue to work on in the next year. These include:

• Faculty Salaries

• Top Tier Work Environment for Faculty

• Shared Governance

• Grant Revenues

• Program Review

• Core Curriculum

• External Review

• Planning for new programs

During today’s meeting, we should get a sense of the Senate on these issues and concerns to modify, add or delete as necessary. This will be a guide for the Senate as we plan our work for the coming academic year.

Respectfully submitted,
Roseanne Mirabella, Chair