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Vol. 1, No. 5, January 2004






Nine-Month Contract         Proposal Passes in Senate

Responding to faculty concerns that those who receive external grants are at a financial disadvantage as a result of the university's current 10-month salary schedule, the Executive Committee of the Senate presented the following  motion at the general meeting on January 16th, 2004:

Motion of the Executive Committee:

"Whereas the Faculty Guide Article 7.2a states:

'Full‑time faculty holding academic year appointments have professional responsibilities to the university for the period of the academic year'

And whereas the university’s practice of paying academic salaries over a ten-month period contradicts this description

And whereas this payment practice restricts the ability of faculty to receive external funding for the period outside the regular academic year (May commencement through the start of the fall semester)

Therefore be it resolved that academic salaries for those faculty governed by Article 7.2a will be paid on a nine-month basis effective with the 2004-2005 academic year.  This will not effect those faculty who elect to be paid over twelve months."

The motion was passed unanimously and will be forwarded to Mary Meehan, Executive Vice President for Administration for further action.

There was some discussion at the meeting about the impact on those who still wish to be paid on the ten-month schedule.  This matter will be taken into consideration as the plan is implemented. 


Senate Meeting Dates 2004

January 16, 2004 - Beck Rooms

February 6, 2004 - Beck Rooms

February 27, 2004 - Beck Rooms

April 2, 2004 - Main Lounge, U Center

May 7, 2004 - Beck Rooms

June 4, 2004 - Beck Rooms

All faculty members are invited to attend meetings of the Faculty Senate.  Meeting locations can be found on the Senate homepage.      





Compensation Committee Update

Peter Ahr reported on the recent presentation given by representatives of the Compensation and Welfare Committee at the University Budget and Planning Committee meeting in regard to faculty compensation and incentives.  See the attached file for the details of this plan.

Salary Presentation



Meeting Minutes 1-16

Executive Committee Report



Core Curriculum Committtee Update

The Core Curriculum Committee met over the break to continue its work on establishing a new core for the university. Work continues on the three components of the new core: (1) a set of common courses taken by all students, (2) a set of skills (proficiencies) infused into both core and major programs, and (3) foundational courses in science/quantitative, ethics, aesthetics, and multicultural/global/historical perspectives, tailored to each college or school, and reinforced through infusion throughout the school’s curriculum.

Additionally, at a meeting with Msgr. Sheeran before the break, members of the Executive Committee discussed the Core Curriculum project and again asked for his endorsement. He assured us that if we come up with a plan that truly provides for a distinct undergraduate program for our students and is consistent with our mission, he will go to the Board of Regents for full funding of this initiative. In addition, he indicated his willingness to be involved in the process of introducing the proposal to the entire faculty.

The Board of Regents has requested that representa- tives of the Core Curriculum Committee attend the March board meeting to give a status report. 



Abraham Mignon
Dutch, 1640 - 1679
Still Life with Fruit, Fish, and a Nest, c. 1675

Jan Davidsz de Heem
Dutch, 1606 - 1683/1684
Vase of Flowers, c. 1660

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