Faculty Senate

Executive Committee Report

April 2, 2004

Regarding the issue of nine month salary payments, the Executive Committee met with the Provost to determine if any action has been taken regarding this issue. Certain Deans have concerns about the impact of the policy, while the Vice Presidents for Finance and Human Resources have expressed concerns regarding the roll out or phasing in of the policy. At our last meeting, the Senate passed a motion insisting that the Provost take action on this matter. The Senate must determine next steps.

The Chair of the Executive Committee asked the Provost to share with the Senate the reports received from the External Reviewers of the Molecular Bioscience Ph.D. proposal. This request was made to enable the Senate to remove its contingency placed on this program at our meeting last June. The following is the response of the Provost:

"we have a different opinion as to the role of the Senate on this: the faculty raised a concern with regard to the financials and assurance was given that the program would not be implemented until finances were reconsidered. This was the form in which the Board acted upon the approval of program implementation, that the program be evaluated for adequacy along several dimensions, finances being the principle concern. The Executive Cabinet was given the summary results of independent, external evaluations, which supported implementation. As a consequence the Cabinet approved implementation. No further Senate action is required.

I copy Dean Smith on this memo so she will know that the documents can be freely shared with anyone who has an interest, one interest being, of course, the Senate."

The Core Curriculum Committee made a presentation to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents at its meeting in March. The presentation basically repeated the overview of the development of the core as presented to the faculty at the plenary last week. The Regents were very receptive of the plans to create a signature experience for undergraduates and have asked that members of the Committee return again in June for a further update.

The Middle States draft has been received by the President and a draft response is being prepared.

The Bookstore has asked for permission to make a brief presentation to the Senate today. The Executive Committee agreed that they could take five minutes at the beginning of our meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Roseanne Mirabella, Chair