Meeting of April 2, 2004

1:30 p.m.

Kozlowski 141

Draft Minutes


1.     In attendance:  Allan Blake, Sulie Chang, Judith Stark, Anthony Haynor, Nathaniel Knight, Eliot Krause, Cecilia Marzabadi, Roseanne Mirabella, Peter Ahr, Simone James Alexander, Mary Balkun, Deborah Brown, Nancy Enright, Anne Mullen-Hohl, Lauren Schiller, Williamjames Hoffer, William Stoever, Jason Yin, Leigh Stelzer, Robert Shapiro, Robert Massey, Mary Ruzicka,  Anthony Lee, Anita Talar,  Alan Delozier, Joyce Wright, Jane Dellert, Kathy Sternas, Anthony Figueiredo, Anthony Wanis-St. John, Janet Koehnke, Joseph Monaco.

2.    The meeting was called to order at 1:45.

3.    Book store presentation.

4.    There were no communications from the provost. 

5.    The agenda was approved unanimously.

6.    Approval of the draft minutes of the February 27, 2004 meeting.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

7.    Report of the Executive Committee.  The report was approved unanimously. 

8.    Reports of standing committees and special committees 

        a.    Calendar - The report was accepted unanimously.

        b.    Academic Policy and Core Curriculum -  The report was accepted unanimously.

        c.    Compensation and Welfare - The report was accepted unanimously.

        d.    Faculty Grievance - The committee has developed By-laws (see below).  The report was

              accepted unanimously. 

        e.    Faculty Guide and Bylaws - The report was accepted unanimously.

        f.    Instructional Technology - The report was accepted unanimously.

        g.    Library - The committee has not met since the last Senate meeting.  A meeting is scheduled with Paul

              Fisher in IT.  The report was accepted unanimously.

        h.    Nominations, Elections and Appointments - No report. 

        i.     Program Review - The report was accepted unanimously.

              Steering Committee Report:  2002-2003 Group

       j.     Admissions - The report was accepted unanimously.

k.   Special committee on Faculty Development - There have been some seminars and a few more coming up to help new faculty, and these seem to be helping to some extent.  The report was accepted unanimously.

9.    Old Business

       a.  Motion:  The Faculty Guide Committee recommends the following change to the Faculty Senate By-laws:

              Articles XVII and XXIII:  Instead of "six" faculty campus units, both articles should read "eight" faculty campus units.

              The motion was approved unanimously.

        b.  Motion:  The Faculty Guide Committee recommends the following editorial changes to the Faculty

           Guide.  Click here

           This was approved unanimously as a motion of the whole.

        c.  Motion: The APCCC recommends that the Faculty Senate adopt the following policy on parallel and

          cross-listed courses.  Click here.

          Motion to split the two resolutions into parallel and cross-listed course pieces.  The motion was approved   


          Motion: that the Senate adopt as a policy the sections of the APCCC report of 4/2/04:

           1. the definition of parallel courses and

           2.  the processes for dealing with parallel courses

           This motion was remanded to the APCCC for further consideration.

      d.  Resolution regarding faculty files.  Click here.

           The resolution was passed unanimously. 

10.    New Business. 

      a.  Motion from School of Graduate Medical Education faculty:

          The Faculty of the School of Graduate Medical Education would like to be considered for inclusion in the Seton Hall University South Orange campus faculty guide with the modifications required to accommodate our unique needs as identified by the SGME faculty. 

          Motion:  That the request of the School of Graduate Medical Education be sent to the Faculty Guide Committee, and that the Faculty Guide Committee, in consultation with the SGME faculty, propose appropriate amendments to the Faculty Guide to include the faculty of SGME.  The motion was approved unanimously.

      b.  Motion:  The Program Review Committee asks that approval of the Program Review report be postponed until the May Senate meeting when a complete version will be available.  The motion was approved with one negative vote.

      c.  Grievance Committee By-laws.  Click here.  Motion to table this matter.  This motion was approved    unanimously.

      d.  IT Committee Technology Value Statement. Click here

          Motion to table this matter.  The motion was approved unanimously.

      e.  Faculty Guide Committee motions:

       In order to obtain the sense of the Senate about its deliberations on  article 5.4(b) [composition of University Rank and Tenure  

         Committee], the Committee is putting forth two proposals:  

Motion 1.    that the Guide not be changed with the result that the R&T Committee membership remain at 9 persons, with Arts & Sciences keeping 3 representatives and all other colleges having 1 representbative, with the extra membership slot rotating by year among the colleges with largest faculty membership.

Motion 2.   that the Guide be changed to add two more persons to the R&T Committee making a total membership of 11 members with Arts & Science having 3 representatives;   Business, Education and Nursing having 2 representatives each;    Library and Diplomacy having 1 representative each.  Such distribution is based on proportionality.

Motion 3. The attorneys on the Guide Committee approved the change recommended by the Provost and University Counsel to article 3.4(d).  The Guide Committee now remands that change for vote by the entire Senate.

Provost/Counsel recommended amended language pertaining to Article 3.7.d, to be inserted before the last sentence in section 3.7.d:

In the conduct of its investigation, the committee shall enjoy the full cooperation of the University Administration and of the faculty member under review, with access to all documentation relevant to the issues relating to the dismissal proceedings, consistent with rights of privacy and other legal rights.   Because each matter is unique, access to documentation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the individual circumstances of each matter and the parties’ rights under those circumstances.

          Motion: To remand this matter to the Faculty Guide Committee.  The motion was approved 


        f. Provost's response to Senate motions.  Click here.  

11.    The meeting was adjourned at 4:54 p.m.