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==Nineteenth Century Russia==
==Nineteenth Century Russia==
::[[Petr Chaadaev, First Philosophical Letter]]
::[[Petr Chaadaev, First Philosophical Letter]]
::[[Vassarion Belinsky, Letter to Gogol]]
::[[Vissarion Belinsky, Letter to Gogol]]
::[[Alexander II, Emancipation Manifesto, 1861]]
::[[Alexander II, Emancipation Manifesto, 1861]]
::[[Alexander Nikitenko Responds to the Emancipation Manifesto]]
::[[Alexander Nikitenko Responds to the Emancipation Manifesto]]

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Documents in Russian History


Muscovy, Pre-Petrine

Samuel Collins, On the Present State of Russia

Peter the Great

Proclamation on the Introduction of the New Calendar, 1700
Decree on Single Inheritance
Pavel Miliukov on the Reforms of Peter the Great

Eighteenth Century Russia

The "Conditions" of Anna Ivanovna's Accession to the Throne, 1730
Peter III's Manifesto Freeing Nobles from Obligatory Service, 1762
The Pugachev Rebellion
Catherine the Great's Instructions to the Legislative Commission, 1767
Alexander Radishchev, Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow

Nineteenth Century Russia

Petr Chaadaev, First Philosophical Letter
Vissarion Belinsky, Letter to Gogol
Alexander II, Emancipation Manifesto, 1861
Alexander Nikitenko Responds to the Emancipation Manifesto
A. V. Iartsev, Proclamation of a Populist Activist, 1874
Alexander III, Proclamation of April 29, 1881
Konstantin Pobedonostsev, Reflections of a Russian Statesman
Sources on Mixed Marriage (Courtesy of Paul Werth)

The Russian Revolution, 1905-1921

Lenin, What is to be Done
Workers' Petition, January 9th, 1905 (Bloody Sunday)
Manifesto of October 17th, 1905
Manifesto of June 3rd, 1907 (Dissolution of the Second Duma)

The Soviet Union

Stalin on Rapid Industrialization