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 Welcome to Seton Hall’s On-line Writing Lab (OWL), operated by the Seton Hall Writing Center, Department of English.


The purpose of the Seton Hall Writing Center and the On-line Writing Lab, or OWL, is to provide support for all students, faculty, and staff who require assistance with their writing.  The Writing Center commits a great deal of its resources to the English Basic Skills program.  In addition, it is a service that is open to anyone who is affiliated with the University.  Staffed with faculty tutors, graduate student tutors, upperclass student tutors and professional tutors, the goal of the Writing Center and the OWL is to make writers more independent and confident with the writing they produce.

The On-line Writing Lab is reserved for those upperclass students, graduate students, and faculty or staff needing writing assistance but cannot come to the Writing Center for a face-to-face appointment. The Writing Center and OWL are not discipline-specific; we welcome writers from any field, major, or department.  Furthermore, we assist with writing that is connected with other endeavors besides strictly academic programs – that is, resumes, cover letters, statements for scholarship applications, writing samples, journals, portfolio preparation and so on.

Freshman students enrolled in English Basic Skills or College English classes have a requirement in their classes to meet in person with a tutor several times per semester – the OWL DOES NOT substitute for this requirement.

Since the goal of the Writing Center and OWL is to provide writing assistance across the University, our mission is consistent with Seton Hall’s philosophy of a student-oriented, Catholic university.  That is, the community-centered approach of Seton Hall is reflected by the Writing Center’s willingness to assist and provide resources to achieve a higher level of student education.  The desire to make writing an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum means that all students, regardless of their major or professional goals, can use the Writing Center to improve their writing and communication skills across many facets of their lives.


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The Writing Center and OWL headquarters are located on the Seton Hall University South Orange Campus, Arts and Sciences Hall, Room 206, x7501.  The director, Dr. Kelly A. Shea, occupies an office nearby, Arts and Sciences Hall, Room 205, x2183,  She also has an office in the English Department, in Fahy Hall, Room 375, x5105.  You may write to the Writing Center at Writing Center, Department of English, Seton Hall University, 400 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ  07079.

When classes are in session, the hours for the on-campus Writing Center are:

Mondays - Thursdays 9 am to 8 pm
Fridays  9 am to 4 pm

The OWL is accessible 24 hours a day; students submitting papers through the OWL can expect a two-business-day turnaround time.  You may email the OWL at  Do not click on the link -- compose a new email.

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