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[Ninth Century Byzantine: Cattolica in Stilo, Calabria, Italy]

I specialize in Ecclesiastical History, especially Byzantine and Catholic Church History. At Seton Hall University I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on Church History and Theology focusing on Mediterranean Christianity, Monasticism, Eastern Christianity and Ecumenism. Since 2004, I have been a visiting professor at the University of Bologna Interdisciplinary Master in East European Research and Studies teaching in the areas of Ecumenism and Inter-religious Dialogue.

My first book, Catholicism, Culture and Conversion: The History of the Jesuits in Albania (1841-1946), is published by Orientalia Christiana Analecta 2006.

My second book Quo Vadis Eastern Europe? Religion, State and Society after Communism, is published by the University of Bologna, Longo Editore 2009.

My third book, which explores the history of the Greek Abbey of of St. Nilo in Grottaferrata is entitled Returning Home to Rome? The Monks of Grottaferrata in Albania, ANAΛEKTA KPYΠTOΦEPPHΣ (Analekta Kryptoferris) 2009.

I am currently working on a book length study on the history of Italo-Greek Monasticism in Calabria. The study analyzes the trajectory of St. Nilo from his native Rossano in Calabria to the terra Latina in Rome and how Italo-Greek monasticism encounters and resides within the the Patriarchate of Rome. The book is based on rare archival sources including the Vatican Archive for the Congregation for Oriental Churches, Grottaferrata archives, as well as several local diocesan Calabrian archives. The book is under contract with the University of Leuven, Peeters Publishers as part of Eastern Christian Studies series.

My most recent research has been generously supported by a three-year (2009-2011) prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers. The grant will fund my research on the relations between Eastern and Western Churches as well as Spiritual Ecumenism at the Ökumenisches Institut, School of Theology at the University of Münster, Germany; a three-year (2009-2011) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) collaborative grant will support my research on church-state relations in the enlarged European Union; and a (2006-2007) Fulbright Senior Research Award in Italy supported my archival research in southern Italy, Calabria.

I am the vice-president of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) and a board member of Christians Associated for Relationships with Eastern Europe (CAREE). I am a United Nations (NGO) Christians Associated for Relationships with Eastern Europe accredited representative (2008-2011).I am also on the editorial advisory boards of the Bolletino della Badia Greca di Grottaferrata and Religion in Eastern Europe scholarly journals.

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