Textbook on High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

HPLC cover.jpg (191447 bytes) In 10 years since our textbook was on-line we got thousands requests for a printed version of this basic text. Unfortunately it is practically impossible to publish material which is already on the public domain. But, these requests inspired us to write a much more comprehensive book about modern High Performance Liquid Chromatography. 
 "HPLC for Pharmaceutical Scientists" book consists of three parts: the first part discusses general HPLC theory and practice with emphasis on RPLC and modern trends in method development including LC-MS; the second part describes the HPLC specifics in each stage of the drug development process from discovery to production; and the third part is devoted to special areas of modern HPLC including fast-LC, LC-NMR;   LC-MS of proteins and peptides, Chiral and preparative separations.
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HPLC for Pharmaceutical scientists will be published in January 2007. Pre-orders are already accepted by Wiley

Dr Yuri Kazakevich


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